In Between the Before and After

We have been busy around here! Lots of pictures to share and of course a thought or two about some life applications. I am loving the new look. We went from dark earthy tones to a light bright farmhouse feel. It was a ton of work but very worth it. Makeovers usually are.

One comment on social media was that they didn’t think our “before” looked bad. And I suppose it didn’t but it was time for a change, an overhaul, a new do.

Funny thing though when you start moving things around and getting ready for something new, you find out exactly where you don’t clean much! You also don’t realize all the things you had let go through the years and had simply become used to seeing them.

You discover cobwebs and dust bunnies (and stink bug shells!) you didn’t know were there. We had to tear things out, rip things up, mud and smooth out some areas, move furniture from one room to the other and back again.

We ate on the couches that were in the kitchen while we were waiting for the carpet in the family room. Then we had to eat in the family room when we had the kitchen/dining area torn up.

We don’t want to talk about the messy middle though do we? We want this…

Family room before
Family room after. The curtains were a DIY using drop clothes from Home Depot! #likelinen
Sitting area before
Sitting area after
Dining/kitchen area before
Dining/kitchen area after
Kitchen area before
Kitchen after
Dining area before
Dining area after

Without seeing this…




We kept stacking stuff in the music room that will need to be put away too!


But it doesn’t work that way.

Life is like that too. You aren’t doing too bad. Your “before” looks okay but you’re ready for a change. Then the moment you start in, you realize that one thing leads to another that leads to ripping out something over here and tearing up something over there. Then there’s mudding the holes left behind and smoothing them out.

We want a rock star body with no sweat equity. We want peace from our past without dealing with it. We want to kick a habit without it being hard. We want to start standing up for ourselves without hurting anyone’s feelings. We want to be different but don’t want to have to change anything. We want an “after” without the messy middle. It’s not possible.

My friend Terra says it this way, What I’ve learned from intense transformations of both places and people: the before is rough, the after is beautiful, but the place in between…that’s when it’s ugly.

This place was a fiasco for a while. I was so ready to get things put back in order and looking good. More than once I wanted to quit because I was tired but I had to keep going, keep working at it and not give up in the middle of the messy. Today, I’m sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace as I type. And it feels so good!

Don’t you give up either! Your “after” is going to look fabulous!!

Fiercely for you!!


4 thoughts on “In Between the Before and After

  1. Understanding exactly what you are saying as we are in the midst of some renewal here as well. We found some serious problems that had just been covered up by wallpaper. Can’t wait for the mess to be over. It seems to seep into my spiritual life as well.


  2. Loved seeing your pics! At our house , they call the changing- it -up process “the intelligence bureau.” Of course, I head this up 🙂 I find that even one small move in the right direction is an exciting beginning whether it be spiritual or the physical surroundings.


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